Peter Teevan
Advocate - District of North Vancouver Communities

Working to improve transportation, better manage development and create a more accessible and accountable local government!

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Serving The Community


I have lived and worked in this community for over 30 years both in business and volunteer roles, and now want to work with DNV from within to improve the lives of our local community residents.

It can be incredibly difficult to even find the right person within District Hall, let alone convince them to improve something - but when a Councillor gets involved things can proceed much more efficiently.

We need a municipal government that is triple-A - Accountable. Accessible. Adds Value to people's lives.



We seem to have been throwing caution to winds as we build, build, build hoping that supply will bring prices down to affordable levels - this hasn't worked. Now we need to manage growth and accept development that will enhance our community and fill in missing elements.

What does this mean? At this time - more rentals and more family-oriented development. We have enough luxury 1 bedroom condos either already built or underway.

Transportation & Traffic


Traffic is at an all-time mess. Do any of the current political leaders even appear to want to help solve it? 

Mobility Pricing is a tax designed to make driving so painful that you and I voluntarily decide to reduce our driving, but can you? I will vote against Mobility Pricing at every opportunity.

Meanwhile, our existing bridges are aging and we need to prepare now to replace and upgrade them.

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